Ashley Alban - Insta-Whore


Ashley Alban - Insta-Whore
You invite an old friend over to hang out, but she’s become a completely different person. She is so annoying to listen to. She's like some fake ass Instagram model now. You finally can’t take it anymore, so you stand up next to her. She looks up and asks what you’re doing. You just pull your dick out. She looks at you with shock and tells you that she is not going to suck your dick. You slowly bring it closer and closer to her face. When she looks at it with disgust, you grab the back of her head and shove your dick in her mouth. She acts like she doesn’t like it, but you know she’s a little fucking whore now. You start to face-fuck her hard. As you hold onto her head and fuck her throat hard she gags. She gets spit all over your dick and her little whore face. She pouts and says she’s angry that you ruined her makeup. You just continue to face-fuck her. Eventually she looks up and you, gasping for breath, and tells you to jack off onto her face. She says you might as well now since she’ll have to redo her makeup anyway. She gets down, and sticks her tongue out. You jack off and shoot a big load all over her face.

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