Ashley Alban - Getting Out of the Friendzone


Ashley Alban - Getting Out of the Friendzone
You have a friend and she is completely oblivious to that fact that you want to fuck her. You put up with hanging out with her and listening to her complain about the guys she dates, but you get nothing out of it. Since she doesn’t seem to want to date you, you have an idea for getting out of the friendzone. You bought a device that makes women subordinate sluts. You decide to come on to her before resorting to the device. When she asks you what you want to do, you reach out and squeeze one of her breasts. She immediately rebuffs you and laughs in your face saying that she doesn’t like you like that. Well, if she is going to be like that, you’ll just use the device on her. You press a button and it plays a tone. She suddenly starts confessing her attraction to you. She asks if you want to play with her boobs. She takes off her shirt so you can really feel them. She admits that she likes hanging out with you so much because she really likes you. She always thinks about what your dick is like. She asks if she can suck you. She takes off her bra and skirt and gets down on her knees. She pulls out your dick and starts to suck you. You get into it, and you put your leg over her head to hold her down on your dick. She freaks out and tells you that she doesn’t like that. You press the device button again, and she smiles and asks if you want to facefuck your little whore. You cho ke her with your dick and her eyes water and she gets spit all over your dick. She gets super rough and sloppy. She sucks and strokes you until you cum in her mouth. She lets your cum dibble out of her mouth onto your dick. She plays with it and licks it. You press the device again just for fun and she sudden recoils and asks what is going on.

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