Ashley Alban - Getting Naughty With Step-mom


Ashley Alban - Getting Naughty With Step-mom
You come home from school a bit earlier than you usually do and you hear noise coming from your parent’s room. You’re dad has been away on business for a while, and you’re surprised to hear those particular noises, so you sneak upstairs to see what’s going on. You see your step-mom getting pounded by a random guy. You spy on her getting fucked doggie for a little while until they finish up so you quickly leave and go to your room. You can’t stop thinking about seeing your hot step-mom naked and getting fucked. You decide that you want to see if you can sle ep with her tonight and maybe grab her ass while she’s slee ping. You go into her room and tell her that you had a nightmare and you want to slee p with her tonight. She laughs and says that you’re getting a little too old for that. You persist, so she agrees to let you sl eep with her. But, she says that she needs to get changed first and tells you to close your eyes. You close them momentarily but peek them open when she gets up and you see that she is completely naked. You watch her put on her nightgown, and she eventually catches you staring at her. She decides to put on a robe since you clearly cannot be trusted.

She talks to you for a moment and asks if you have a girlfriend at school. You say no and she says that if she was in school with you she would definitely find you attractive. She also asks if there is anything wrong since you’ve been acting weird ever since you got home from school. You say nothing is wrong and you go to bed. In the middle of the night you hear her whispering to herself about how she can’t stop thinking about getting fucked earlier. She says that she has been horny all the time and she reaches a hand down and starts to finger herself. She glances over at your body and decides to rub her ass against you to help her get off. She looks back and sees that you finally woke up, so she reaches down and squeezes your now rock hard dick. She asks if you want to make mommy happy, and you say yes. She tells you to lie on your back and she straddles you. She pulls her tits out and tells you how horny and lonely she has been lately. She begins to grind against your dick while you’re still under the covers. She says that you can help her release some tension and she can make you feel good too. She turns around with her ass facing you and continues to grind against your boner. She says that you’re making mommy happy and the two of you really aren’t doing anything wrong at all. She removes her panties and continues to bounce her ass against you until you both cum

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