Ashley Alban - Fuck Mommy’s Ass


Ashley Alban - Fuck Mommy’s Ass
When you arrive home you find your step-mom sitting on her bed looking as though she is deep in thought. You ask her what is the problem. She begins to tell you that so much is going on and she feels like your dad is never around anymore. As she talks about being stressed, she absentmindedly unbuttons the top of her dress. When she realizes that she unbuttoned a bit too far, she apologizes and covers up her cleavage. You compliment her and say that you don’t mind. She smiles and thanks you. She says that your dad doesn’t seem to notice her anymore, so it’s nice to receive a compliment. She even stands up and asks if you think her ass looks good; she tells you she has been doing a lot of squats at the gym lately. Your step-mom sits back down on the bed and proposes an idea: since your dad doesn’t pay attention to her, and she doesn’t want to have an affair with a random man, how about the two of you fool around? You had a crush on her for the longest time, so you immediately agree. She removes her dress completely until she is only in a pair of red panties. She shows off her butt again for you and you comment about how much you like it. She tells you to get down on your knees and stroke your dick to get it hard while you worship Mommy’s ass. She puts her booty right in your face, jiggling it while talking dirty. You feel yourself grow rock hard. Mommy slides off her panties and spreads her cheeks to show off her pretty holes. She asks if you want to fuck her and you do. She tells you to bed her over the bed and fuck her ass then. You slide your dick inside Mommy’s asshole and fuck her hard until she begs you to cum inside of her!

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