Ashley Alban - Cummy Pussy


Ashley Alban - Cummy Pussy
You come home to find your girlfriend sprawled out naked on the bed. Well, you don’t know if you can really call her your girlfriend since you don’t fuck her yourself and she low-key hates you, but she’s hot and the best you could possibly do. Plus you kind of like the whole cuckold thing. Anyway, she is lying there with cum dripping out of her pussy. She tells you about how she just had sex with this other guy. She says he fucked her so good and she came really hard. She starts playing with her wet and swollen pussy. She laughs about how you could never possibly make her pussy look like that; your dick is too pathetic. She asks if you think you ever made a girl cum before. She laughs and suggests maybe you could if you used a strapon. You could never make *her* cum. She’s glad she never even pity fucked you. She thinks you two have a good arrangement. You buy her stuff and she lets you watch her fuck other guys sometimes—or at least tells you about it. She laughs about how much of a pathetic loser you are. Once you cum she tells you to get the fuck out of the room

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