Ashley Alban - Cuckolding You


Ashley Alban - Cuckolding You
Ashley knows you keep refreshing her video page or Twitter to find out if she has a new boy/girl video for you to buy. You love watching and imagining that you’re the one fucking her. Let’s be honest though, you’ll never fuck her. Ashley likes big dicks and hot guys who have money. At least you can watch though. Ashley doesn’t mind. She still gets to have sex plus she can pay her bills. So just relax and pull out your dick while you watch Ashley. She takes out his dick and starts to suck it. She tells you how much she loves his dick. You don’t even mind watching her with another man because you’re so infatuated with her. You love her round breasts and big ass. She sucks the other guy until his dick is hard and then says she needs to feel his dick inside her. She straddles him and starts to ride, grinding back and forth on his cock. Ashley asks if you like watching her like this. She knows it turns you on. She says that she wants to just ignore you now and enjoy his cock. You can still watch, but she’s not going to talk to you again until after she cums. Watch Ashley ride him from multiple positions until she cums hard. “See,” she says, “you can’t make me cum like that.”

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