Ashley Alban - Can I Have Money Daddy


Ashley Alban - Can I Have Money Daddy
Your step-daughter is back from cheerleading at this afternoon’s football game. She is excited. The team won and she tells you how she did well. She does want to ask you a favor though. Some of the girls from the team are going to the mall and she wants to go with. them But, she wants to know if she can have some money in case she wants to buy something. She doesn’t want to be the loser that doesn’t have any money. You’re not sure if you really should be giving her money to just waste at the mall. She pleads with you. Is there anything you want? You can think of something. You ask her to show off her cheerleading uniform. She says you probably won’t like it because it shows a lot of skin. She takes off her hoodie and shows it to you. It is very revealing and you like it. You ask her to turn around so you can see her ass as well. You want more and tell her that you’ll give her money if she shows you her boobs. You can’t help but take out your dick and start stroking. She likes it and continues to strip. She even helps you out at the end by stroking your dick until you cum!

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