Ashley Alban - Buttlifters


Ashley Alban - Buttlifters
You come home and find your girlfriend looking at some things on the table. You ask her what she’s doing and she says that she bought a few buttlifters. You’re not sure what a buttlifter is, and she explains that it’s like a sports bra or push-up bra for the butt. The idea is to make the ass look bigger. She explains that she wanted to see what it would look like if she wore one, although she thinks her butt might be a bit too big for these. Is it possible to have too much butt? Maybe for buttlifters. She asks if you want to watch her try them on, which you obviously do. She tries on three pairs of different styles of buttlifters, squeezing her ass and thighs into them. Her asscheeks spill out of the cutout portions of the lifters creating super jiggly ass mountains. She thinks they make her ass look ridiculous but you can’t help but get a boner. She shows off how her ass looks in each one, and bounces and makes her ass clap. Once she has the last pair on, she sees how turned on you are and suggests going upstairs to the bedroom to have some real fun

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