Ashley Alban - Blackmailing Ash for Anal


Ashley Alban - Blackmailing Ash for Anal
You have a neighbor that you befriended. There’s something so familiar about her, but you can’t put your finger on it. One day while you are looking for porn, you realize that she’s Ashley Alban. You go over her house one night and tell her you know what she does. She shrugs and says who cares. You threaten to tell the one person she wouldn’t want to know. She asks what you want. You tell her that you want to fuck her. She laughs and says in your dreams. You say that you want to fuck her ass, and if she doesn’t agree, you’ll blackmail her. Ashley says you’re a huge fucking asshole, but reluctantly agrees. She pulls out your dick and tells you you’ll probably blow your load early in her mouth. She starts to suck you and deep throats you, getting your cock hard. You hold back from cumming and tell her that you want her ass. She sighs and says to hurry up to get it over with. She bends over and pulls her leggings and thong down. You slide your cock in her tight asshole and she moans loudly. She asks why you have to have such a big dick. You start to fuck her, and Ashley starts to get int it and pushes her ass back against you to take your dick deep. She says maybe you can be her new stunt cock. You fuck her hard and she tells you to cum. You pull out and jack off on her asshole and then slide your dick back in getting your cum inside. Ashley rolls her eyes and ask if you got what you wanted.

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