Ashley Alban - Black Guys are Superior


Ashley Alban - Black Guys are Superior
Ashley decides to sit you down for a little talk. She knows you know that she finds black guys attractive, but she has to admit something. She really likes black guys. Like, really likes them. She is obsessed with them. She thinks black guys are so much better than white guys. Ashley tells you why she thinks black guys are better. Quite honestly, white guys just seem like pathetic losers to her now. You definitely can’t make her cum like a black man can. She explains how she can’t get enough. She has been fucking other guys behind your back for a while now. She lies to you and says she is going out with her girlfriends, but really she just goes out to find some big black dick. The first time she cheated on you was an accident. But now Ashley is addicted to black dick. She sighs, and tells you that she feels much better telling you what she has been doing. Either you can stay with her and let her continue to fuck random black guys. Or, you can break up with her. Ashley really doesn’t care. She’s going to keep getting what she wants either way.

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