Ashley Alban - Baby Oil Feet


Ashley Alban - Baby Oil Feet
Ashley wants you to worship her feet today. If only you could rub her pretty little feet and give them a massage. Ashley squirts baby oil all over her feet and starts rubbing them herself. They look so good shiny with the oil. Ashley teases you with her toes and wrinkled soles. After she rubs the oil all over both of her feet, Ashley starts to get naughty. She tells you how much she wishes you could slide your dick between her feet. She could stroke your cock up and down, rubbing her toes and feet against your dick. When you're throbbing, you can cum all over Ashley's feet. After, Ashley tells you she would rub your load all over so her feet are sticky and shiny with your cum! Video includes: foot fetish, oil fetish, wrinkled soles, toe curling, dirty talk

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