Ashley Alban - Ass Training


Ashley Alban - Ass Training
Have you started to learn how to deepthroat? Well sucking a dick is a good start, but if you really want to please a man, you need to learn how to get fucked. And since you don't have a pussy, you'll have to learn how to take a dick in your ass. Ashley is here to help train your ass. Once you practice stretching it and fucking it, you be able to take a big dick deep in your ass! First you should start with a butt plug. Lube you ass up and slide it in there. How does that feel? Do you like having something in your ass? If you want to train your ass to loosen up, you should keep your buttplug in all day. Just try not to get a boner every time you think about how your ass is filled! Once your ass has been loosened up a bit, you can try using a dildo. Lube it up and slowly slide it into your asshole. Fuck your ass, starting slowly at first, and then fucking it faster and faster. Stroke your dick at the same time as you fuck yourself, imagine getting pounded by a real dick. You're going to be such a good anal slut now!

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