Ashley Alban - Asian Guys Do Have Small Dicks


Ashley Alban - Asian Guys Do Have Small Dicks
You were paired up with Ashley to work on a paper together for your poli sci class. The two of you get a private study room in the library to divvy up the assignment. Ashley soon becomes frustrated when she realizes that you’re not just going to write the whole paper. The small study room is stuffy, so Ashley unzips her hoodie revealing a very low-cut top underneath. She continues to ask about the assignment, but you have zoned out staring at her tits. She catches you looking at her cleavage, and rolls her eyes. She sighs and says you must be bored with this work. She looks and you and smiles suddenly. She admits that she has never been with an asian guy before. She’s really curious, and asks you to pull your dick out. You’re hesitant and first, but she begs a bit, so you unzip your pants and pull it out. Ashley stares at your dick for a moment with a bemused look on her face. She starts laughing and asks if that’s really how big it is. She knows that asian guys get a bad rap for having small dicks, but she can’t believe how small you are. Ashley says you’re definitely much smaller than the guys she is usually with. She laughs, but apologizes for making fun of you. She tells you that you can still jack off, and she pulls her top down so that you can see her breasts. You start to stroke for her tits, and she says that it is really all you can do since she doubts she would even be able to feel your dick inside of her if you two have sex. Ashley continues to tease you about your size, she expresses some disappointment that you are so small. She starts to think out loud and mentions that she should text the guy from her communications class to see if he wants to have sex after this. She heard rumors that he has a huge cock. You just get more turned on hearing this, and ask to see her ass. She stands and pulls her jeans down so you can see her butt. She gives you a short countdown to cum, and you blow your load all over.

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