Ashley Alban - Ashleys First Footjob


Ashley Alban - Ashleys First Footjob
Don’t you love Ashley’s cute little feet? Her toenails are painted a pretty shade of pink. She starts off by sucking your dick. She wants to get it hard. Plus, it’s fun making you wait for it. Once your dick is hard, Ashley takes a bottle of baby oil and squirts it all over your dick and her feet. She rubs it in so her feet are all slippery. She tells you that she wants you to stare at her ass and her feet. Ashley turns around and starts to jack you off with her feet while her ass faces you. Since it’s her first time giving you a foot job, she isn’t quite sure about what she’s doing, but she gives you a great view of her ass, toes, and soles. She tells you that she wants to feel your cum on her feet and reaches back to stroke you while her feet are wrapped around the base of your cock. Ashley strokes your hard cock as you watch her toes curl and wiggle. She decides to get in a more comfortable position, and lies on her back between your legs. She continues to stroke you with her hand and feet until you cum hard. She then shows off her feet covered with your cum.

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