Ashley Alban - Ash Fucks a Creeper


Ashley Alban - Ash Fucks a Creeper
With the renewed popularity of Minecraft this year, Ashley decided to finally give it a go. She quickly becomes obsessed and plays anytime she has a free moment. One night, she finds herself up late playing as usual. She decides she needs some rest, so she closes her laptop and goes to bed. As she is snoozing, she is awoken by a strangely familiar noise. She wakes up and sees a creeper in her room. Ash freaks out and gets out of her bed. She’s not sure if she’s dreaming, but she has an idea. She’s going to finally be the one to fuck a creeper. She coaxes it into her bed, trapping it. Ash takes a look at what he’s packing, and finds a hard green dick. She starts to suck his cock and taunts him about not being so scary. She pulls out her tits and sits her fat ass on his face. Laughing, Ash slides off her panties and straddles his dick. She rides that creeper cock like she hasn’t had dick in years. After she cums, she tells the creeper that he better cum too, so she keeps riding until he…explodes.

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