NEW VR EXPERIENCE! Do NOT FORGET THAT U CAN EASILY WATCH IT ON UR PHONE TOO , INTERRACTIVE AND WITHOUT VR HEADSET!!!! PLS reattach it closer to left eye* STORY: One night you decide to go to bed naked! I'm laying in bed, listening to old pipe-organ music, but this particular song supposedly summons demons. Then something startles me in your dreams, is that someone's voice?! You open ur eyes to see a REAL demon in front of you! Obviously you are still dreaming. But she assures me that she is very real and that she can read my thoughts. For 300 years she has not taken a single human soul or a single drop of human sperm to quench her thirst. But because you, unknowingly, freed her from the prison, she decides to take mercy on u. Instead of taking ur life, she tells u that she will drain u of ur cum JUST close enough to ending u but letting survive as long as U promise to feed her and provide her a safe place to hide when people find out that a demon is stealing souls around town. She starts dancing while lots of oil glistens on her body and show off her outfit while putting u under your succubus spell. Now it's time. Frozen as if u cannot move, she does tease ur cock, ur balls and ur body, whispering on ur ear and rubbing ur chest. ACTION IN PREVIEW, more in THE ACTUAL VID * REVIEW IF YOU LIKE AND APPRECIATE MY WORK, AND PLS BE GENEROUS ENOUGH TO NOT SHARE MY CONTENT FOR FREE WITH ANYONE ELSE AS I WORK HARD FOR YOUR JOY AND PLEASURE

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