Aiko Moe - Petting your FOX


Aiko Moe - Petting your FOX
Lovely Custom for Sami (Using name). COuldn't decide on cat p.2 or Fox and decided to do fox since it's something new Still I think I act like a cat lol Waking up alone , getting bored and thoughts of my master makes me playful...~ ^^ Pillow humping until I hear door open. I am so excited wagging my tail^^ Don't know if I need to put description if I made preview with all the action? :3 Split-screen , nipple play, riding, anal (yea that's funny bc I did double penetration but it's hard to see it in vid ;( , orgasm from me , facial ) PS DON'T FORGET TO PUT REVIEW! It always brighten my day and inspires me to do more..

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anal riding role play blowjob nipple play