Aiko Moe - Bath time with Nikky


Aiko Moe - Bath time with Nikky
It was actually first time together when we were relaxing and just playing for fun. we did finish all our customs and had few hours before leaving rented apt so we went to Jacuzzi just to relax and talked about pee fetish (did u know that Nikky love pee fetish?) and I was telling to her about squirting and relaxing so we did pee on each other and THAT WAS TURNING ON, WOW, We were kissing and washing each other bodies with a soap , playing with a stream, fingering until having orgasms :3 oh and squirting from my side . there ar 2 scenes with no focus , dunno why autofocus didnt work bit its a little bit and I tried to sharpen it for you^^ * REVIEW IF YOU LIKE AND APPRECIATE MY WORK, AND PLS BE GENEROUS ENOUGH TO NOT SHARE MY CONTENT FOR FREE WITH ANYONE ELSE AS WE WORK HARD FOR YOUR JOY AND PLEASURE

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